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Brain Candy – 3 Puzzle Games Available On PC

If you enjoy solving a difficult puzzle in your spare time, you’ll probably know about the many options the PC catalogs have to offer. Since, one of the biggest catalogs, in puzzle games, is only available for the PC users, they often have the best experiences with these kind of games.

Today, we are going to be talking about the best puzzle games for PC. Games that are available and made to be played on this console, and can be played anytime we choose to. This makes them a great way to spend our free time, and enjoy the riddles these kinds of games provide.

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The Bridge

While the Bridge is not a famous game, and didn’t draw too much attention when it first came out, it’s hard to say that it isn’t a unique experience. Black and white worlds that have a variety of puzzle to offer us, as well as an entertaining story, and great gameplay elements that beautifully combine the best of puzzle and adventure elements, in order to truly win the game.

The Room

A classic game for PC when it comes to puzzle games, often remembered as an “Escape room” type of game. While it has the same elements that this genre possesses, The Room chooses to be a different experience, one that can be enjoyable for any type of audience out there. A really well-made game, available for anyone that dares to download and have a great experience in video games.

tetris - Brain Candy - 3 Puzzle Games Available On PC


Tetris needs no introduction, since is one of the most known puzzle games around the world, and this is for a good reason. Tetris joins the fun of a quick-action gameplay, to the many riddles and heavy thinking that a puzzle game needs, in order to truly be remarkable. Thus, decades after its release, Tetris still gets newer releases and remakes.

PC definitely has the best titles, all because, when it comes to video games, it’s one of the best consoles. Hence it does not come as a surprise, when we see that the best puzzle video games are made especially for PC, even getting new releases first.