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Top 5 Puzzle Games to Play on Your Phone

As Smartphones take over our lives, often replacing computers and video game consoles, Android owners who also happen to love puzzles, are able to share a wide array of gaming options. Therefore, we chose the top 5 puzzle games you must check out as soon as possible, most of which are even free.


This entertaining Norsk Casino game has a minimalistic approach, without losing the modern touch on its background and a high resolution set up. One of the main advantages it offers the gamers who get hooked, is the fact that it doesn’t require internet to be played. However, the levels might be so difficult that it could take you several tries to finish them. Duet is a true challenge.

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Fuzzies – Color Lines

Now this is a game for everybody out there. Regardless of your age, the cute animations and reasonable increase on level difficulty, makes Fuzzies a perfect game for every puzzle lover who checks it out. This is not an elaborated game, yet it is very dynamic and engaging. Additionally, it is 100% free, which makes it refreshing.


If you’re looking for a bit of variety, within the same realm of puzzles and riddles, Faif is just the thing for you. This game combines puzzles and roguelikes, and even has a multiplayer mode, in which you can play with your friends or random strangers. Also, it has its own shop where you can buy power ups with the money you earned while playing, hence no real money is needed, which is always nice.

Bounce N Bang

Looking for a simple game to unwind after a long day at work? Or maybe just disconnect during lunch break? This is the one for you. The whole game consists on fixing a target and blowing the castle up, it doesn’t bother you with adds, nor does it require internet connection.

Triple Town

If you do not mind spending a bit of money for a good game, then Triple Town will do the trick for you. It’s a highly addictive match-three type of game. Remarkably, creators managed to take advantage of the size of the board, to make it more challenging, so you have to plan your movements better. However, after it has you all hooked, it will start requiring money to let you move.

These are our top 5 puzzle games, for all the puzzle maniacs out there. From minimalistic designs to very simple gameplay and cute characters with lovely animations, all these games will provide hours of fun for gamers. The ones that are free are really good, and the ones that require money are definitely worth it.

Remember they work only if you have an Android phone, or perhaps a computer emulator. In any case, download the game and enjoy. We wish you best of lucks beating these entertaining puzzles and sharing your high scores with friends and family. Check this game too!