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contribute - Contribute to Tinkerbox News

There are many readers that enjoy our content on a daily basis and realize the importance of a good educational video game, as well as the quality of the content we present to them.

Tinkerbox News is a website that is dedicated mainly to educational gaming, but we also have room for gaming in general, since we understand the appeal with the other genres of video games and the satisfaction that they can give you.

That’s why here at Tinkerbox News we are known for a website that shares only the most important and reliable sources of information about video games, and since we are firmly focused on giving the best coverage in educational video games, we are in need of new writers who wishes to become a part of our team.

For that matter, if you are interested in this proposal and you want to join the team of Tinkerbox News, you only need to contact us telling us your intentions in joining us. Using our contact information, you can send us a piece of your writings or an article, and we’ll take a look and tell you what we think.

We are only looking for professionals that share our passion for video games of all genres, since we love everything that has to do with them, especially educational and puzzle games and other types of interesting games that can be proven to be great for our minds.

So, on behalf of all the staff of Tinkerbox News, we invite you to join us and finally become part of this great project in charge of giving the best recommendations and information about one of the best genres of video games.