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A difference exists between gaming and gambling. Though both involve risk and the use of luck, gaming relies on skills and knowledge to win. The better the gamer, the more likely they will be to win. While gambling at Online kazino requires luck, gaming is more like an activity involving knowledge, skills, and experience.

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All about Online Gaming

I. Introduction to Online Gaming

Online gaming refers to playing video games over the internet with other players. With the rise of the internet and advances in technology, online gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years.

II. Benefits of Online Gaming

Online gaming provides a number of benefits for players, including the opportunity to connect with others from around the world, engage in friendly competition, and improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, many online games offer a social outlet for players, allowing them to meet new people and form online communities.

III. Types of Online Games

There are many different types of online games, including first-person shooters, massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), strategy games, and casual games. These games can be found on a variety of platforms, including consoles, personal computers, and mobile devices.

IV. Risks of Online Gaming

While online gaming can provide many benefits, it also poses certain risks, such as exposure to inappropriate content and behavior, cyberbullying, and addiction. It is important for parents and players to be aware of these risks and take steps to mitigate them, such as setting appropriate parental controls and limiting the amount of time spent playing.

V. Impact of Online Gaming on Society

Online gaming has had a significant impact on society, both positive and negative. On the positive side, online gaming has helped to bring people together from all over the world, fostering a sense of community and social connection. On the negative side, online gaming can lead to addiction, decreased physical activity, and a decrease in real-life social interactions.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, online gaming is a popular and growing form of entertainment that provides players with many benefits, including the opportunity to connect with others, engage in competition, and improve cognitive skills. However, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with online gaming and take steps to mitigate them, such as setting parental controls and limiting the amount of time spent playing. Despite the challenges, the impact of online gaming on society is undeniable, and it will continue to evolve and shape the world in new and exciting ways.

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Exploring the World of Online Gaming: Benefits, Challenges, and Popular Trends

I. Introduction Online gaming has become a popular pastime for millions of people around the world, with the rise of the internet and advancements in technology making it easier and more accessible than ever before. From simple browser-based games to complex virtual worlds, the world of online gaming has evolved and grown in popularity, offering players a way to socialize, relax, and challenge themselves.

II. Popularity of Online Gaming Online gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years due to several factors. The rise of mobile gaming has made it easier than ever to play games on-the-go, while the increased accessibility of high-speed internet has allowed for smooth and lag-free gaming experiences. Additionally, the growing number of gaming communities and social media platforms has made it easier for players to connect with others and form gaming groups.

III. Types of Online Games There are many different types of online games, including massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), first-person shooters (FPS), strategy games, and more. MMOGs, such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, allow players to join virtual worlds and interact with thousands of other players from around the world. FPS games, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, allow players to compete against each other in fast-paced, action-packed battles. Strategy games, such as Civilization and Age of Empires, require players to use strategy and planning to defeat their opponents.

IV. Benefits of Online Gaming Online gaming offers a variety of benefits, including the opportunity to socialize with others and make new friends, the chance to improve strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, and the opportunity to relax and escape from everyday stress. Online gaming can also improve hand-eye coordination and enhance cognitive function, as well as provide a source of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment.

V. Challenges of Online Gaming While online gaming can be a fun and rewarding experience, there are also some challenges that come with it. One of the biggest challenges is addiction, as some players may find it difficult to control their gaming habits and limit their time spent playing. Additionally, online gaming can be expensive, as many games require monthly subscriptions or in-game purchases. Online gaming can also expose players to inappropriate content and negative interactions with other players.

VI. Current Trends in Online Gaming The world of online gaming is constantly evolving and changing, and there are several trends that are currently driving the industry. One of the biggest trends is the rise of esports, with competitive gaming becoming a legitimate and popular form of entertainment, complete with professional players, organized leagues, and big-ticket tournaments. Another trend is the increasing popularity of cross-platform gaming, which allows players to enjoy games on multiple devices, including consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.

VII. Conclusion In conclusion, online gaming has become a popular pastime for millions of people around the world, offering players a way to socialize, relax, and challenge themselves. While there are some challenges and dangers associated with online gaming, the benefits and positive aspects of playing outweigh the negatives. Whether you’re a fan of MMOGs, FPS games, or strategy games, there is something for everyone in the world of online gaming, and the trends and advancements in technology show that this is an industry that is here to stay.

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Exploring the Exciting World of Online Gaming: Past, Present, and Future

I. Introduction Online gaming has come a long way since its inception, and it has become a popular form of entertainment for millions of people around the world. With the advancements in technology, online gaming has evolved from simple browser-based games to complex virtual worlds and massive multiplayer online games. In this post, we will explore the evolution of online gaming, the popularity of online games, the types of games available, and the benefits and challenges of playing.

II. The Evolution of Online Gaming Online gaming has a long and storied history, starting with simple browser-based games in the early days of the internet. As technology advanced, so did online gaming, with the introduction of virtual worlds and massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) that allow players to interact with each other in real-time. The rise of mobile gaming and the widespread availability of high-speed internet has also contributed to the growth of online gaming, making it easier and more accessible for people to play games on-the-go.

III. The Popularity of Online Gaming Online gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. From casual gamers to dedicated players, online gaming has something to offer for everyone. The growing number of gaming communities and social media platforms has also made it easier for players to connect with others and form gaming groups, further contributing to the popularity of online gaming.

IV. Types of Online Games Online gaming offers a wide variety of games to choose from, including massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), first-person shooters (FPS), strategy games, and more. MMOGs, such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, allow players to join virtual worlds and interact with thousands of other players from

around the world. FPS games, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, offer fast-paced, action-packed battles for players to compete against each other. Strategy games, such as Civilization and Age of Empires, require players to use their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills to defeat their opponents.

V. The Benefits of Online Gaming Online gaming has many benefits, including the opportunity to socialize and make new friends, improve cognitive function and hand-eye coordination, and provide a source of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment. It can also be a great way to relieve stress and escape from the demands of everyday life.

VI. The Challenges of Online Gaming Despite the many benefits of online gaming, it also comes with some challenges. One of the biggest challenges is addiction, as some players may find it difficult to control their gaming habits and limit their time spent playing. Online gaming can also be expensive, with many games requiring monthly subscriptions or in-game purchases. It can also expose players to inappropriate content and negative interactions with other players.

VII. Conclusion Online gaming has come a long way since its inception, and it continues to evolve and grow in popularity. From simple browser-based games to complex virtual worlds, online gaming offers a wide range of entertainment options for players. While it is important to be aware of the challenges that come with online gaming, it can also offer many benefits and provide a source of enjoyment and relaxation for millions of people around the world.

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Top Tips For Parents, Guardians, And Players When It Comes To Online Gaming

Gaming is a popular pastime for many people worldwide. We initiate, create, and foster various social relationships when sharing leisure time activities with others. In this piece, I’ll reveal my top online safety tips.

What You Should Know About Internet Gaming Security

The widespread use of computer-mediated communication in our daily lives changes the way we do almost everything, including play and gaming. Once upon a time, gamers were required to meet at a predetermined location at a predetermined time to play Street Fighter, FIFA, or International Superstar Soccer. However, gamers may now experience the same interactions, enjoyment, and challenges from the comfort of their own homes by playing online.

The Study of Games

Gaming has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. The advantages of gaming are numerous, and there are many blogs, journals, books, and players who can provide gaming tips.

Traditional research has focused on the individual and the video game as an object. As a result, early research affected traditional and popular perceptions of video games. The formal analysis also revealed implications including delinquency, violence and hostility, and many unfavorable headlines, many of which are still being debated and dismissed. Hand-eye coordination, modeling, employability, executive functioning, multitasking, and memory capacity are some of the early benefits of gaming.

However, as you may have noticed, today’s gaming devices and the whole gaming experience are vastly different from earlier experiences, such as those with Atari, Sega Arcade, PlayStation 1, etc.

The modern gaming device is a one-of-a-kind link to various social and leisure realms. As researchers and professionals embrace a cyclic and comprehensive approach to video game research, this phenomenon is addressed in current methods to game studies. Scholars and professionals have recently investigated several elements that influence players’ willingness to engage in online gaming. The social antecedents of game persistence with and in social settings have been extensively studied. As a result, we now know much more about video games than we did a half-decade ago.

Six Pointers for Players

  • Keep an eye on what you’re doing in-game. They can influence other players and your local environment in either a positive or negative way.
  • Use the offered means to report improper or illegal behavior from others, and talk to an adult about your experience.
  • Every campaign has a beginning and an end. Always take breaks while playing games and keep track of your time.
  • Before settling in for some gaming, pitch in around the house and insist on your parent’s or guardian’s participation.
  • When diffusing or transferring gaming components into reality, keep your personal information safe. PlayStation 4 Shares to Facebook, for example.
  • Block trolls and shady characters, and utilize the report to quickly inform your service provider of your experience.

Parents and Guardians: 8 Pointers

  1. Before purchasing a game for a child or young person, consult with their parents and guardians, whether it’s a present, a surprise, or a personal request.
  2. When assessing whether a game is appropriate for a kid or young person, use the PEGI age rating.
  3. Controlled gaming is a good idea; today’s consoles have parental settings to help with internet safety and time management.
  4. Show an interest in the games they’re playing and play with them, just like you would with other activities or in any different setting where strangers are present.
  5. Keep the 4Cs in mind:
  • Communication and the setting in which it occurs.
  • Connections and the context in which they occur.
  • Connectivity and its surroundings, as well as gadgets.
  • The substance as well as the context in which it is presented.
  • Ensure that young people understand why these limits are necessary; you may find that they have their own experiences to tell.
  • During game sessions, be mindful of their motivations.
  • Assist in transferring collective lessons and fun into the actual world for both chores and schoolwork.

Final Thoughts

Games are entirely for amusement and fun, and they provide a different method to connect with and understand the world around us. We can now use games to offer new opportunities for social connection. As a result, the modern gaming paradigm is an excellent abstract system for influencing and developing leadership, systems thinking, and empathy. It’s a well-designed conceptual system for anticipating and solving new digital economies. However, like with most things in life, there is the possibility of misuse. Most importantly, get to know your kids’ games by playing with them, viewing online tutorials, or politely asking them to educate you.

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5 Hacker-Resistant Tips for Online Gaming

Some people find that battling alien, establishing virtual entertainment parks, and taking part in online battles royales are effective stress relievers. As we all know, there has been a lot of stress to release in the last year and more free time on our hands to pursue our interests. Online gaming traffic climbed by 30% from the first to the second quarter of 2020.

Hackers are making money on the dark web by using massively trafficked online gaming portals. Think about these recent video game hacks the next time you log on to your favorite virtual world and strengthen up your gamer security, which could include a gaming antivirus.

Exploits found in recent games.

According to Akamai, cyber attacks against gaming companies grew by 340 percent between 2019 and 2020. For various reasons, hackers have recently targeted several high-profile gaming companies. First, the source code for Electronic Arts’ games was stolen and sold on the dark web. Developers on the dark web reverse-engineer popular games or use stolen source codes to recreate the programming in their games. Capcom and CD Projekt Red were hit by ransomware attacks just a few months apart, focusing on financial data and the other on source code.

“Titan Fall” and “Apex Legends” have both been hacked to the point where the former is unplayable, according to multiple gamers. Gamers protested the developers of “Titanfall” by modifying in-game messaging in “Apex Legends.” Because hackers appear to have a very easy time gaining access to online gaming portals, game developers and players must pay greater attention to security.

Players can buy valuable improvements for their characters in online PC gaming with real-world money. These characters have piqued the interest of a few of the other players, and others are envious of your success. Some thieves employ credential stuffing to access player accounts and seize ownership on the dark web, where advanced characters may fetch a lot of money. Credential stuffing is a brute force attack in which hackers use their expertise to estimate login and password combinations. You’ll need a strong password or passphrase to safeguard your account and investment from the dark web.

What Leads to Video Game Hacking?

Based on the aforementioned previous attacks, it is clear that gaming companies have a wealth of sensitive information. Gamers entrust these platforms with their credit card information and the security of their game avatars, which they spend thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars customizing, making gaming a tempting target for cybercriminals.

Another way attackers approach gamers is by disguising malware as a benefit. Cheat software for online games is common since players want to be the best out of thousands. A malware scam targeted advantage hunters for “Call of Duty: Warzone.” On YouTube, the malware’s creators offered instructions on how to get the “cheat software.” Thousands of people saw the film, and hundreds of people commented on it, giving it credibility.

As part of the “cheat software” installation process, users had to disable antivirus and firewall software. Cybercriminals were able to walk right into the gadgets of their victims! A dropper, a type of aggressive file-less malware, was installed on the device. A dropper does not establish a harmful file on the device; rather, it creates a direct channel for a secondary payload, such as credential-stealing malware to be delivered.

Gamers’ Security Advice

In a competitive setting, gaming is, well, competitive. So, if you’ve invested a lot of real money in your characters, be extra cautious and follow these five important tips to keep your online accounts safe.

It is not appropriate to discuss personal details.

Gamers frequently utilize variations of their real names and birthdates in their public-facing identities. Do not use your real name or date of birth in your username. Consider a nickname or a string of random digits instead. In the same vein, avoid disclosing personal information (phone number, birthday, frequent travel places) in chats or streams. Cybercriminals may collect these personal details by impersonating you.

Make any necessary adjustments to your privacy settings.

In some online PC games, you can join campaigns with gamers from all around the world. While being connected is fantastic, be wary of who you let follow your online activities. If a stranger sends you a friend request out of the blue, be skeptical. They could have nefarious motives, such as phishing for sensitive personal data. It’s good to change your privacy settings to prevent strangers from seeing your profile.

Downloading unlicensed games or cheat software is not a good idea.

Developers devote a lot of time and effort to creating amazing games, so make sure you acquire them legally and play them as intended. Avoid free downloads, pirated versions, and cheat software since they are nearly always too good to be true. Rather, accept a challenge and play the game as described.

To connect, use a VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts data transmission over the internet, making it difficult for hackers to see your IP address and trace your online activities.

Sign up for antivirus software designed just for gamers.

Gaming antivirus software can improve the security of your online gaming experience and the performance of your computer! McAfee Gamer Security checks the cloud for threats and optimizes resources to keep frame dips minimum.

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Is It True That A Gaming PC Is More Expensive Than A Console?

There have never been more possibilities for playing video games in this day and age. You can play in no time if you have a smartphone or subscribe to a game streaming service. Most people who play video games as a primary source of enjoyment, on the other hand, have two options: PC or console.

Consoles are pre-built gaming machines that allow you to play right away without fiddling with game settings. They’re also rather inexpensive, at least at first glance.

On the other hand, PCs provide complete hardware flexibility and gaming horsepower that no console can match if you invest enough money. Except, perhaps, when a new console generation debuts.

Even though the PC platform is the home of premium video game performance in general, gamers are often put off by the perceived cost of being a PC gamer. The question is whether or not that impression is correct. As we’ll see, the answer is dependent on how you look at things.

Costs of Hardware

There’s no getting around it. Bringing a console home is less than the cost of bringing home an identical or better gaming PC. That fact alters as a console’s lifecycle progresses. New PC hardware becomes more powerful at a lower price because console hardware does not change. As a result, a similar asking price for the console will eventually get you a PC with superior specs.

Why are consoles so much less expensive than computers? This is due to several factors. Because they produce millions of consoles, console producers receive preferential hardware pricing. Additionally, console manufacturers are not required to earn a profit on their products, and on most units, they either break even or lose money.

Because of something called the “attach rate,” this is acceptable. This refers to the games, services, and accessories that users must purchase to get any actual usage out of their system. So, even if the console hardware isn’t profitable, the sale of the first game, accessory, or subscription generates an immediate profit.

Every component in a computer has a profit margin, and individual producers must profit from the hardware; otherwise, there is no sense. As a result, PCs are more expensive than consoles when measured in performance per dollar. But that isn’t the whole tale. It’s more realistic to argue that PCs are more expensive upfront. However, when we consider the cost of a typical console over its lifetime, the picture changes.

The Price of Software

Because consoles are a closed platform, game creators must pay a fee to get their games released on them. This is accomplished by charging a fee for each copy sold. Rather than damaging their revenues, the console player bears the cost. As a result, console games will cost more at launch than the same title on PC.

Not only that but there’s more! You’ll rarely pay retail for a PC game because multiple distributors compete for sales. There are often incredible deals on PC games, whether it’s a pre-order discount or price drops months or even weeks after release. On the other hand, console games tend to keep their full pricing for a much longer period. When they go on sale, they don’t get nearly as big of a discount as those on PC.

The biggest price equalizer between PC and console gaming comes into play. This, however, is dependent on how many games you purchase.

Let’s pretend that a console game is $10 more expensive on average than the PC version. If you buy one game per month for five years, the total cost will be $10 divided by 12 months and multiplied by five years, amounting to $600.

Your total cost would have been the same if you had added that $600 to your first console purchase and instead purchased a $1000 PC. A quality gaming laptop or desktop can now be bought for under $1000. However, there is only one example of a hidden expense that console players must deal with.

Costs of Online Services

Because the PC is an open platform, players do not have to pay for third-party services such as multiplayer. Online multiplayer on consoles is normally reserved for a membership service, which is in addition to any game subscriptions you may have.

Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have added discounts and “free” digital games to the mix to sweeten the sale. Individuals will have to decide whether the expenditure is justified. The simple line is that if you want to play online, you must pay a charge.

As a result, the value-added aspects aren’t as important. When the average difference in in-game costs is added to the difference in monthly online multiplayer subscriptions, the price differential between PC and console hardware is further equalized during the console life cycle.

Costs of Upgrades

Next, we must consider the expense of upgrading a computer. To begin with, upgrading to a PC during its console equivalent generation is optional. In the case of cross-platform games, at least.

The mid-generation upgrade is a relatively new trend in consoles. As a result, the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X were born. Neither of these improvements was necessary, but they did provide a reasonably priced boost in graphics power.

These mid-generation machines’ CPUs were mostly unchanged. So, if you did the same thing with a mid-generation PC and only upgraded the GPU, you’d spend approximately the same amount (or less) on a new, updated console. When comparing PC vs. console, upgrading has a negligible impact.

Do You Require A Computer For Anything Else?

The second factor to consider when comparing prices is if you need a computer for anything other than gaming. If you need a computer for something other than gaming, the console will cost you more than a non-gaming PC.

In that scenario, you might as well total up the costs and purchase the gaming computer. If you don’t require a computer, we can exclude it from the pricing comparison.

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The Effectiveness behind Educational Video games

Since educational methods are being more and more updated each day, nowadays we can find almost any type of method of learning, and those could also be funny and different. As one of such methods now we have nothing other than video games, the great focus of children’s attention that is actually currently used to help them learn about almost any topic, including Math.

But not every game has the quality of being educational, most of them are known as a way for children to forget about homework or other activities, in which case it becomes necessary to even things out by providing and encouraging them to play educational games.

kid watching computer - The Effectiveness behind Educational Video games

Once you find a game having the characteristics of an educational game, such as having to solve problems related to real life, or that requires learning features of behavior or qualities and characteristics of certain objects, or having to solve labyrinths or puzzles, then you can try them as well as sharing a funny and fruitful moment with your child.

This kind of games being educational could also be included in the classroom to help the students to get more motivated to learn subjects such as geometry or math and even history. These kinds of games may help the teacher to get closer to the interests of their students and encourage them to have fun with situations other than the violent war or battle games that usually catches their attention.

The idea is to let young gamers realize that it is possible to learn and develop your mental skills while having fun by doing something they love such as gaming. It is also for teachers and parents to realize that there are games that can be used as a complement to a lot of subjects that are being taught at school through educational games.

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Brain Candy – 3 Puzzle Games Available On PC

If you enjoy solving a difficult puzzle in your spare time, you’ll probably know about the many options the PC catalogs have to offer. Since, one of the biggest catalogs, in puzzle games, is only available for the PC users, they often have the best experiences with these kind of games.

Today, we are going to be talking about the best puzzle games for PC. Games that are available and made to be played on this console, and can be played anytime we choose to. This makes them a great way to spend our free time, and enjoy the riddles these kinds of games provide.

laptop screen - Brain Candy - 3 Puzzle Games Available On PC

The Bridge

While the Bridge is not a famous game, and didn’t draw too much attention when it first came out, it’s hard to say that it isn’t a unique experience. Black and white worlds that have a variety of puzzle to offer us, as well as an entertaining story, and great gameplay elements that beautifully combine the best of puzzle and adventure elements, in order to truly win the game.

The Room

A classic game for PC when it comes to puzzle games, often remembered as an “Escape room” type of game. While it has the same elements that this genre possesses, The Room chooses to be a different experience, one that can be enjoyable for any type of audience out there. A really well-made game, available for anyone that dares to download and have a great experience in video games.

tetris - Brain Candy - 3 Puzzle Games Available On PC


Tetris needs no introduction, since is one of the most known puzzle games around the world, and this is for a good reason. Tetris joins the fun of a quick-action gameplay, to the many riddles and heavy thinking that a puzzle game needs, in order to truly be remarkable. Thus, decades after its release, Tetris still gets newer releases and remakes.

PC definitely has the best titles, all because, when it comes to video games, it’s one of the best consoles. Hence it does not come as a surprise, when we see that the best puzzle video games are made especially for PC, even getting new releases first.

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Top 5 Puzzle Games to Play on Your Phone

As Smartphones take over our lives, often replacing computers and video game consoles, Android owners who also happen to love puzzles, are able to share a wide array of gaming options. Therefore, we chose the top 5 puzzle games you must check out as soon as possible, most of which are even free.


This entertaining Norsk Casino game has a minimalistic approach, without losing the modern touch on its background and a high resolution set up. One of the main advantages it offers the gamers who get hooked, is the fact that it doesn’t require internet to be played. However, the levels might be so difficult that it could take you several tries to finish them. Duet is a true challenge.

mobile open - Top 5 Puzzle Games to Play on Your Phone

Fuzzies – Color Lines

Now this is a game for everybody out there. Regardless of your age, the cute animations and reasonable increase on level difficulty, makes Fuzzies a perfect game for every puzzle lover who checks it out. This is not an elaborated game, yet it is very dynamic and engaging. Additionally, it is 100% free, which makes it refreshing.


If you’re looking for a bit of variety, within the same realm of puzzles and riddles, Faif is just the thing for you. This game combines puzzles and roguelikes, and even has a multiplayer mode, in which you can play with your friends or random strangers. Also, it has its own shop where you can buy power ups with the money you earned while playing, hence no real money is needed, which is always nice.

Bounce N Bang

Looking for a simple game to unwind after a long day at work? Or maybe just disconnect during lunch break? This is the one for you. The whole game consists on fixing a target and blowing the castle up, it doesn’t bother you with adds, nor does it require internet connection.

Triple Town

If you do not mind spending a bit of money for a good game, then Triple Town will do the trick for you. It’s a highly addictive match-three type of game. Remarkably, creators managed to take advantage of the size of the board, to make it more challenging, so you have to plan your movements better. However, after it has you all hooked, it will start requiring money to let you move.

These are our top 5 puzzle games, for all the puzzle maniacs out there. From minimalistic designs to very simple gameplay and cute characters with lovely animations, all these games will provide hours of fun for gamers. The ones that are free are really good, and the ones that require money are definitely worth it.

Remember they work only if you have an Android phone, or perhaps a computer emulator. In any case, download the game and enjoy. We wish you best of lucks beating these entertaining puzzles and sharing your high scores with friends and family. Check this game too!

two girls 840x480 - 3 Benefits of Playing Puzzle Games

3 Benefits of Playing Puzzle Games

You are a puzzle game lover, or perhaps know someone who is, either way, you should know that all the time invested in staring at a bright screen, solving riddles and matching pieces and colors, might just have a positive impact on the player.

Interestingly enough, we were able to pinpoint a few precise benefits, which come from playing puzzle games at

man think - 3 Benefits of Playing Puzzle Games

Problem-Solving Productive Experts

Puzzles are filled with obstacles to overcome, and opportunities to come up with a strategy to be more efficient. On the other side, they allow you to learn to put aside frustration and get through the next move, they provide a sense of achievement that encourages our problem-solving skills to be enhanced without forcing it.

It Boosts Concentration

It is no mystery that great effort is required to be able to solve puzzles, depending always on the level of difficulty. This results in a gamer with a heightened focusing skill, and a concentration that will surely go above average. In fact, puzzles are recommended for children with ADD.

man smiling - 3 Benefits of Playing Puzzle Games

It Encourages a Higher IQ

With all the aforementioned, it is no surprise that puzzle games are also credited with raising a person’s IQ. Making you think, reason, apply logic, solve problems and deal with obstacles. All while providing a sense of achievement with every right decision, puzzle games are sure to make you downright smarter.

There you have it; the writing is on the wall! All those hours of puzzle playing were well invested. You’re getting smarter, more logical, productive, and with an enviable focusing skill. Go play without guilt.