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5 Educational Video games For All Ages

Many experts believe that video games offer so much more than just entertainment value. The truth is, video games are actually good in some ways. They promote social interaction and friendship, may enhance your memory skills, eye-hand coordination. Additionally, video games encourage physical activity, critical thinking and problem solving.

It has always been thought video games do not encourage children to have good behavior; they tend to have a bad reputation. Although, some of those claims may be deserved, there are many video games created with the aim of educating young people. Here we review some video games and the benefits they may offer you and your children.

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My Word Coach

This game has been created by linguists, specially to help young students in their development, improving verbal communication. Available for Wii and Nintendo DS, My word Coach contains six different games, to improve the use of words. Best of all, the game comes with the pronunciations of over 17,000 words.

Smarty Pants

Like many other games, this one deals with a lot of subjects, for the players. It consists of rounds of electronic arts questions, ranging from history, sports and science, forcing players to show their skills to get the answers. Even parents enjoy these types of games, while children learn about a broad array of topics.

Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit is a series, containing reading games, with a span of several levels related to learning. It even includes resources for students of both lower and higher grades. This game helps children improve their reading, memory and have fun, while passing each test of the mini-games. It also helps kids that, from a young age, are interested in the challenges and of course, have fun.

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Escape Adventure Island

This is one of the video games Jump Start offers for the Wii platform. With this game, the youngest and curious will enter a 3D environment, in which they’ll be offered exercises to improve their math skills, reading and critical thinking, as they advance and win virtual rewards. It is very important for those who are becoming teenagers.

Magic School Bus Oceans

Magic School Bus is another series of games that really claim to have spectacular ways for the little ones in the house, to learn while having fun, being educated completely unknown to them. In these games, players will have to explore the ocean, and move forward with a series of lessons, and different educational games.

These, and many more games, are created by specialists for the learning of children, youth, and even parents! We invite you to try each of them and tell us what you think about them. Remember that not every video game has a bad reputation. You just have to know how to choose the ones that best help, with your learning.

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2 of the Best Puzzle Video Games to Buy This Year

When it comes to the best picks in puzzle video games, there are handfuls of titles that you need to have if you consider yourself a lover of the puzzle genre. These are known for being a work of art in these current times, not to mention that they are incredibly fun and interesting on their own.

These games are a must have if you love a good challenge that possess both a great story and a solid narrative, that’s why we are going to tell you more about the best puzzle video games that deserve a spot in your collection, as well you need to buy them this year in case you don’t have them already.

keyboard - 2 of the Best Puzzle Video Games to Buy This Year

The Talos Principle

A title that had relevance all over the internet, the day it was first released. The Talos Principle can be compared with Portal 2 since they kind of share the same idea. We are a robot in task of completing multiple puzzles in order to advance.

This game is a great example of a gameplay that is based only in puzzles and still is able to captivate the attention of many gamers that prefer other genres of video games, it is just that good.


A modern masterpiece and a prime example of an indie distraction.  Braid, has all the elements of an incredible game, from an interesting and engaging story to excellent and challenging gameplay. With the ability to go back in time, our task is to save a princess from a castle (yes, we know, another cliché), but things turn out differently when the true story unfolds.

Braid, is not only an example of a great and well-made video game, but a statement of how puzzles can be hard and fun at the same time, not to mention the creativity behind the process of it.

These titles are a living proof that puzzle video games are still something to talk about and play, and they are indispensable if you have a game collection, so don’t waste any time and buy them before it is too late.

two kids laptop 840x480 - Top 3 Best Educational Video Games for Homeschoolers

Top 3 Best Educational Video Games for Homeschoolers

Video games usually have a bad reputation, when it comes to children. Some of those objections may have a point, but video games are not all bad for kids. In fact, there are a number of very creative video games that help shape the imagination and interaction of children and their peers, always thoughtful about the education of kids.

Many schools have already implemented this type of education, and have been very successful overall.

At the rate the video game industry is growing, there is no better way to encourage young children to be more productive, and creative. There are games about construction, and other tasks of everyday life, that will surely help shape great minds.

At no time do you use video games as an escape, rather it’s like a job that can be fun, a chore to do at home, to later talk about your experiences, with your classmates.

minecraft - Top 3 Best Educational Video Games for Homeschoolers


Minecraft is not just an educational game, as it has become a national phenomenon, a great game that every teacher would want their students to play every day. It’s a very addictive game that has captivated students and parents alike. Minecraft inspires creativity and problem-solving skills, while combining many useful factors for judgement calls, over a number of issues.

Amazing worlds are generated, helping kids develop a creativity unmatched by any others, making it a great game. It would be good to emphasize that Minecraft is one of the top-rated games of the entire decade, breaking sales records worldwide.

Gamestar Mechanic

With this innovative game, you can help your child, through video game playing, adopt rather functional, and highly useful technical skills. GM allows young players to design and build their own video games. If you want your child to be a good creator and have great creativity, this game will be good enough to meet all your expectations.

Creating, in a game, is done by problem solving, and design creativity is paramount to building in such games.

math - Top 3 Best Educational Video Games for Homeschoolers

Rock Math

For less than a dollar, with this game, you will teach children all about the most essential mathematics that exist. It has especially been named as one of the best games for children, by various reliable sources, many of which see their application as a virtual teacher for young people.

It certainly helps make math fun, as it offers players 56 different math missions. It is also useful to keep your child busy while doing something productive.

Finally, we have to say that these games deserve a productivity award. Thanks to these games many children have begun to develop a growing interest in school activities, as this generation was less interested in the past.

For now, we have to thank the video game companies for the efforts they made to promote education among all the children of the world. Technology can be used as a tool, whether just for fun and killing some time, or to further educate your child, actually being helpful.