man playing 840x480 - 2 of the Best Puzzle Video Games to Buy This Year

2 of the Best Puzzle Video Games to Buy This Year

When it comes to the best picks in puzzle video games, there are handfuls of titles that you need to have if you consider yourself a lover of the puzzle genre. These are known for being a work of art in these current times, not to mention that they are incredibly fun and interesting on their own.

These games are a must have if you love a good challenge that possess both a great story and a solid narrative, that’s why we are going to tell you more about the best puzzle video games that deserve a spot in your collection, as well you need to buy them this year in case you don’t have them already.

keyboard - 2 of the Best Puzzle Video Games to Buy This Year

The Talos Principle

A title that had relevance all over the internet, the day it was first released. The Talos Principle can be compared with Portal 2 since they kind of share the same idea. We are a robot in task of completing multiple puzzles in order to advance.

This game is a great example of a gameplay that is based only in puzzles and still is able to captivate the attention of many gamers that prefer other genres of video games, it is just that good.


A modern masterpiece and a prime example of an indie distraction.  Braid, has all the elements of an incredible game, from an interesting and engaging story to excellent and challenging gameplay. With the ability to go back in time, our task is to save a princess from a castle (yes, we know, another cliché), but things turn out differently when the true story unfolds.

Braid, is not only an example of a great and well-made video game, but a statement of how puzzles can be hard and fun at the same time, not to mention the creativity behind the process of it.

These titles are a living proof that puzzle video games are still something to talk about and play, and they are indispensable if you have a game collection, so don’t waste any time and buy them before it is too late.