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Navigating your technologically advanced aircraft and safeguarding the planet by blasting the snot out of extraterrestrial intruders was a popular arcade game genre: the now-classic Galaga units or the horizontal Defender models, shooting the snot out of extraterrestrial intruders provided a certain sense of pleasure. These games are a welcome respite after playing action-packed sports betting games.

Several vertical shooters were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, including the military-themed Sky Shark and Captain Skyhawk, a fair game by the now-legendary Rare. From a top-down perspective, it followed the mission of an advanced fighter plane to prevent alien invaders from destroying the world. The pilot must transfer supplies to scientists to construct a more powerful weapon to destroy the foreign facility in later stages. Graphics

The graphics were fantastic for an 8-bit game. Skyhawk used isometric line drawing, akin to Marble Madness, to create a pseudo-three-dimensional look, giving all of the terrain, ships, and effects a digital framework feel that substantially improved the gameplay. Designers should be commended for creating such a unique, cutting-edge style. The levels’ aesthetic was also a drawback: while the adversaries, precise path, and colors varied, they all had a similar feel.


In compared to other games, the soundtrack, which featured music by renowned video game composer David Wise, soared to new heights, while the sound effects were spot-on: From the thunderous explosions to the craft’s flight and the fast shooting of the fighter’s armaments, this game pushed the NES to its limits.


Skyhawk is odd in that, while it is a fun and engaging game, it looks like more attention was paid to the packaging than to the gameplay. Captain Skyhawk created a previously unexplored concept and turned it into an intergalactic battle complete with breathtaking sights and booming sounds. Skyhawk is very unremarkable, with all of its enhancements coming from the audiovisual department when it comes to its essential components.

Replay’s Worth

The game has a severe learning curve, and the difficulty level will turn off many players. However, a basic invincibility code may be entered by just moving the player’s thumb around the control pad a few times before the game begins; after the code is entered, the ship becomes completely indestructible! For the most part, this makes the game simple. A few phrases, though, still necessitate extreme precision. Whether indestructible or not, the game is only playable for a limited number of times.

Captain Skyhawk gets a thumbs up for its space-age settings and a three-star rating, making it worth a look but not love.