The Space Station

This is the one you've all been waiting for.

This version of TinkerBox will feature a brand new level called the Space Station. With three brand new elements, including the Anti-Gravity machine, you will need to think in all dimensions to solve the new clever puzzles.  You must unlock all the levels prior to be able to play with the Space Station level.

TinkerBox is a fun, free-to-play physics puzzle game, teaching basic engineering concepts and scientific facts. If you can imagine it, you can build it with TinkerBox.

Available for free on the iTunes App Store.


The Wait for Level 5

Hey Guys. 

Finished all the puzzles? Don't worry, the new level 5 will be release for you all, soon... Just need to put some finishing touches on the puzzles. There will be some interesting stuff that you can play around with.

Hold on tight! it's going to be awesome. 



TinkerBox Revamped

TinkerBox is back and is ready for action. If you haven't noticed already, the site is revamped and rejuvenated. New pretty pictures gives it a TinkerBox feel and appeal. And everything is simplified. 

This site now has three main categories. You can read the News, download Inventions, and interact with others Tinker-ers on the discussion forums. 

Enjoy the new TinkerBox site, for everything TinkerBox.


TinkerBox 1.3 unlocks Level 4, now available for iPhone/iPod and iPad.

Update unlocks level 4 dubbed "The Machine", contains of 5 new puzzles. This stage encompasses challenging obstacles which defy the laws of gravity. Puzzles will entice you to jump higher, levitate longer, and travel farther. Placement of objects will define the success of these airborne puzzles.


AppTV Review: Tinkerbox a Fun Science App

TinkerBox review starts at the 2 minute mark